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Quick Cooking With Kids

Cooking with kids is a wonderful bonding experience, plus you can teach them wonderful life skills that they’ll use for years to come! It’s easy to cook quick, healthy meals, and simple, fast recipes are sure to entertain all kids, even boys who might prefer to be outside!

Why cook quick, healthy meals with kids?

There are two reasons it’s a great idea to cook quick, healthy meals with kids: you can teach them, and you can entertain them.

Cooking with kids is a brilliant way to teach them important life skills. There are simple things that may be easy to learn, like boiling pasta or baking potatoes, but there are also some slightly more difficult things that you can teach them.

Take some basic knife skills: it’s a really important thing to learn, and it’s easy to teach. Teaching your kids these skills will help them down the line, plus it can be exciting as well!

That’s where the entertaining part of cooking with kids comes in, and you learn that as much as kids might want to be playing football or reading a book, they’ll love to cook with you. I know I loved food as a kid, and some of my fondest memories are the ones I made in the kitchen. Next time you’re cooking, make sure you invite your kids to the kitchen. Maybe you could even have a father and son boys cooking burgers night, for example. You’ll make memories and teach skills that will last a lifetime.

What quick, healthy, and easy meals can I cook with my kids?

Making a quick healthy kids dinner is a really great use of time, for all the obvious reasons. A great example of a dinner to serve to your kids could be a simple pasta in tomato sauce.

There are plenty of skills in the meal which are easy to teach kids, even something as simple as portioning and boiling pasta is a worthwhile and fun lesson.

There are also other quick easy skills for kids involved in that meal, for example, peeling and dicing an onion. Depending on how old your kids are, they may need some particularly close supervision, but once they can reliably do it really well, they’ll be over the moon!

You could also use this meal as an opportunity to nurture your child’s creativity, for example by letting them sniff a few different spices and seeing what they want to add. Give them a few options as well as the classic Italian spices, and who knows, you may end up with a new favorite meal!

Making sure to cook a quick, healthy kids dinner can be a wonderful experience for both you and your kids. It’s sure to teach them valuable skills as well as help them make some great memories - make sure to pencil in a boys cooking burgers night this week! That, and the pasta example I wrote about above, are stunning examples of quick easy meals for kids, so make sure to spend some time on one or both of them soon!

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