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Create your own SUPERchef. Our edible education boxes, bringing you and your kids together, in the kitchen and around the table.


Gabby Delellis is a self-taught chef. Her love of food began in the kitchen at a young age with her Nonna (Grandma), learning the traditions of Italian cooking. Her dream to spread edible education to the new generation is how avocado kids was born. 
Gabby having grown up on a farm in Sussex, has always believed sustainability and locally grown and sourced produce is a cornerstone of healthy living. It is so important to translate this to the kids of our day and remind them where our food really comes from.
Kids who cook, eat!



Our superfood themed boxes empower your kids to be more confident in the kitchen, help fussy eaters overcome food fears, learn how to grow produce and create more family time in the home.


Every box will include multiple recipe cards, cultivate kindness cards, activities & much more. 


Create your own super chef. The edible education boxes, bringing you and your kids together, in the kitchen and around the table.

Join us on our culinary adventure.


The Avocado Kid is a superfood, superhero with special powers (nutritional benefits).


He goes on a worldwide adventure exploring different countries, in search for other superfoods. His culinary journey takes you to a new country each month, where we explore different traditional recipes, nutritional information, country's key facts & much more.


We teach you how to grow vegetables in your home, how to be more kind to the planet and each other and we even have a cook along playlist for every country so you can immerse yourself in the culture.


"cooking is my super power, my apron is my cape"

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