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  • What ages are the boxes aimed for?
    Avocado Kids boxes are recommended for 4-12 yr. olds. Of course any age can join in. The young ones will need assistance from an adult, however the older kids will be able to make full recipes alone. Whatever the age, we encourage everyone to muck in and have fun!
  • What do I get with each box?
    Each monthly box comes with the following: - A welcome card, introducing you to the box and how we recommend each card is used. - 4 recipe cards, each themed to the country in question - Important documents – this gives you history about the themed country, fun facts, edible education on a festivity celebrated, and the main dishes eaten. - Plane ticket – your boarding pass has your scan able QR code for your Spotify cooking playlist. Fully immerse yourself. - 1 or 2 creative craft activities - Learn how to grow card – we teach you how to grow vegetables and plants using some of the ingredients called for in the recipes. - Cultivate kindness card – each month we ask you to explore how to be kind, to the planet and ourselves. - Dinner talk time coaster – conversation starters. - World Map – For all first orders, so you can track the avocado kids journey. - A free gift / extra addition to the box - A reversible apron / cape (only with 6 & 12 month subscriptions)
  • Does my box come with ingredients?
    Your avocado kids box does not come with ingredients. All of our recipes call for fresh ingredients, which would not have a long life expectancy for the month. We also want to encourage our kids to assist with the shopping, choosing their own ingredients. This is why we give you a full shopping list for all ingredients needed for that box. If there is something you can’t get hold of, please let us know and we will find an alternative for you.
  • When will my order arrive?
    Our free UK standard shipping uses Royal Mail 2nd class post, which takes approximately 2-3 days. We aim to post all our boxes within 48 hours of placing the order. Please note, during these uncertain times, where we may experience postal delays in some areas, it is out of our hands, but we will always try our best to get our boxes to you within a week of ordering!
  • How long will my boxes last?
    Each box is themed around a different country, consisting of 4 recipes and loads more! This gives you enough time to make 1 recipe per week within the month before your next box arrives. We average around 10 hours of edible education per month J
  • Can I buy an apron separately?
    You sure can, via our shop, they are for sale as an additional item if you choose not to purchase our 6 & 12-month subscriptions. We also recommend for siblings who don’t want to feel left out :)
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel anytime with your subscriptions. Your monthly subscription will stop automatically. For those who have 6 & 12-month subscriptions, it will come to an end after your last box. If you would like to stop receiving boxes, please let us know via and we can pause your membership for you.
  • How much are your boxes?
    We have various options for you: Monthly boxes are £19.99 per month, this payment is auto renewed. 6 month subscriptions are £17.99 per month, pre paid in advance at £107.94. 12 month subscriptions are £15.99 per month, pre paid in advance at £191.99. With 6 & 12 months you get a free apron/cape worth £15.99 We also sell past boxes, so you don’t miss out on any of the adventure. These are one off purchases so you are not tied into any subscription.
  • Will I need to assist my child?
    Depending on your child’s age and ability, you will need to assist. We have made certain areas of the box accessible for all ages to do at least 2 things alone. When cooking, please make sure supervision is given at all times.
  • What sizes are your boxes?
    All our boxes are letterbox, unless you have ordered an apron with your box, then only one box will be slightly bigger.
  • Can I purchase a gift?
    Of course, please visit our gift page to select your package; we also have a downloadable gift card.
  • How do I use the Spotify playlist?
    Find your boarding pass, on the back you will see a QR code that will say scan here for Spotify playlist. Open Spotify app on your phone and in the search bar you will see a little camera, which will enable you to scan the code. Your cooking playlist will start. Turn it up!
  • What is family date night?
    Family date night is a night of the week we speak about a lot In our boxes. You will see 1 recipe from each box is themed around a family meal. These is where we encourage you to all muck in and create your family date night, a time where you spend quality time eating the meal you have just made, using our dinner talk time cards.
  • What are the dinner talk cards for?
    Each box comes with a collectable coaster that has 2 conversation starters. We encourage dinner talk time around the dinner table or at dinnertime for the whole family.
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