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A healthy child is a happy child, that’s my motto! If you notice your child with any discomfort, it’s best to have it addressed straight away as long - term problems can occur from digestive issues, like constipation, allergies and even behavioural problems.

They say…“they are growing eat, eat, eat” But overeating can cause big issues for digestion and the gut, especially in children. Make sure meals are well proportioned, keep it balanced, keep it colourful, keep it fun! Quick easy meals for kids don’t have to be fast foods or processed foods! A balanced diet consists of three meals a day, each meal made up of at least 3 food groups and with 2 snacks a day.

Fluids are also super important, throughout the day to keep the bowls moving. Stay happy & hydrated with water, but also don’t forget much water is found in vegetables and fruit also.

Yoghurt is our friend. Why? Because it contains probiotics which promote good bacteria growth. Also miso… And any fermented foods, which are so easy to make at home and a great added extra to quick healthy kids dinners. Have you thought about making sauerkraut? It’s so easy, its made when bacteria breaks down the natural sugars in cabbage. It’s just cabbage and salt. If you can’t make it, find it in your supermarket, the healthy version should just contain cabbage and salt. No sugar, vinegar or additives. Best served piled on a hotdog of course!

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